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About Reset-RA Study

What is RESET-RA?

The research in the RESET-RA study will help determine if an investigational vagus nerve stimulation device is safe and can improve Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) in patients who continue to experience symptoms even after having tried multiple medications.

About RA and existing treatment options

What is a clinical research study?

Discovering new effective therapies for conditions like RA depends on clinical research. As participants in this study, the patients are partners in research and play an important role in advancing the treatment choices for RA. Participants will help researchers evaluate if this novel therapy is safe and effective, giving them the ability to try the new potential treatment option while it is under investigation.

Who is behind the RESET-RA study?

The RESET-RA Study is sponsored by SetPoint Medical Inc., a privately-held clinical-stage healthcare company dedicated to patients with chronic autoimmune diseases. As part of the company’s pioneering research into a new treatment paradigm – which uses electrical impulses that are designed to activate the body’s innate “Inflammatory Reflex,” for rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease and other chronic autoimmune diseases – SetPoint is conducting the RESET-RA study based guidelines set forth by the FDA.